Friday, November 20, 2015

Four for Fridays!

Hello and welcome back to Four for Fridays. I hope everyone is ready for that nasty white stuff that is coming our way tonight and through tomorrow. After having my surgery back in August I am ready to see how the knee holds up for the winter that is why I made sure it was done before winter came.

Just to let everyone know there will not be any Four for Fridays next week we will not be home. Here are this weeks questions.

1) What are your plans for Thanksgiving this year?

2) Are you ready for the nasty cold weather with the nasty white stuff coming?

3) Do you shop more on the computer or do you go to the stores?

4) When you go grocery shopping do you take coupons with you?

Have a great day and try to stay warm!


Beejay said...

1. I'm cooking. Having a houseful of people.
2. Yes, suppose to drop to 71 degrees for a low tomorrow night.
3. A bit of both. I sign a lot of checks.
4. I do digital coupons. I enter my phone number and get bucks off on my groceries.

Have a great weekend!

Tender Heart Bear said...

I guess I will get my answers on here.

1) We are going up north to spend Thanksgiving with the family.

2) No I do not like it to get real cold and I hate the nasty white stuff.

3) I do a little of both because I order from amazon.

4) Sometimes yes.

Have a great day!

OKIE said...

1. At my mother in laws.

2. We are supposed to have our first freeze tomorrow night. I don't like it.

3. Both, but I do hit the stores.

4. I cut them out and forget to bring them. :{

Thanks THB

Beejay said...

Thanksgiving here is forecast as 82 for the high and 64 for the low. No rain. Perfect day!

OrbsCorbs said...

1) Hiding.

2) No.

3) When I had money, I liked to shop online. Now, it's mostly in stores.

4) No, but I should. I tried coupons, but I couldn't keep track of it all. I've seen people get $60 off their groceries with coupons.

Thank you, THB. I hope you and drew have a great time next week.

kkdither said...

1. Cooking and hoping for a house full. I love to cook, so this is A-OK with me. I especially like to bake. I just run out of gas too soon, though. My guests better be ready to do some dishes.

2. I really like the change in season. I'd much rather it be colder than hotter. I love layers, and sweaters, and cuddling up in a blanket, but the white stuff lasts way too long, and makes driving (and walking) dangerous.

3. I'm more visual and tactile. I usually don't know I want something until I see and touch it. On larger purchases, and some other things, I'll buy online and do the research first.

4. Rarely do I use coupons. I find that it takes a lot of time and effort, and I usually forget to use them before they expire. I think those people who save big dollars, really don't save big dollars. Often times the coupons are for items with a high mark up. You might be tempted to buy something you normally wouldn't buy. I stick to less processed, lower salt foods, and cook as natural as possible.

Have a safe holiday, Irregulars. Be careful on the roads, THB.

lizardmom said...

1. I am working, then going to my sister's house
2. The initial cold is rough, but it's not as bad once I acclimate, but I wouldn't miss the snow if we never had it again.
3. I prefer online, I'm disliking actual shopping more and more. Many stores offer free shipping with many orders. If they're willing to send it to me and I don't have to deal with crowds, I'm definitely going that route
4. Store coupons, yes. Manufacturers no. I mainly shop sales and stock up that way, and hope for more good sales as I run low on stuff.