Friday, November 20, 2015

Open Blog - Friday

Have a good one.


lizardmom said...

Happy Friday!

OKIE said...

It's FRIDAY!! I am so ready.

OKIE said...

FYI - I filled up my car yesterday and for 9.123 gallons, it was $14.41. I like this $1.57 gas.

I also see the snow headed your way.

OrbsCorbs said...

Hello all. Have a great day.

My white blood cell count is still elevated, but it has remained stable. My blood chemistry has been a mess since my kidneys went down. Seems like the level of things change randomly. Nobody knows why.

kkdither said...

Keep taking care of yourself, orbs. It is the only thing you can do. As we get older, everything goes to pot. I'm fairly lucky, I know many people who have it much worse than I do.

Okie, I was happy to fill up at 1.99.

It was a busy day today. Took care of a bunch of stuff I was dreading having to do. The snow is supposed to fly later tonight. They keep changing the numbers (as always) so we never know until it happens, what to expect. There is a dirty joke my mom used to tell about the similarities of a new bride and a snow storm. I'll leave the details to your imagination. ;>