Thursday, November 19, 2015

Open Blog - Thursday

If it's good enough for John Steinbeck,then it's good enough for me.


lizardmom said...

FINALLY have enough lights that work! All but the ornaments are on, will be completely done today!!

Beejay said...

On the road again! Off to Florida. What a wonderful time we have had in SC. We did get nailed with some rain, but had our fair share of nice weather.

We checked out a place called Hillbilly's Tavern...quite the joint. Dan says we will go back to shoot pool in the future. Oh boy!
Yes, quite the joint. This is the "South." We see Confederate flags all over the place. It is part of their history. A Confederate General is immortalized in the form of a statue near downtown, with his canon nearby. Yes, this is the South. I can't tell you how many Baptist Churches we have here, but, each one says they have the "true God." Wonder who's at the Lutheran Church? Or the Catholic? We only have one of each of those. Hillbilly's is the only bar in town. Yes, this is the South.

Have a great day.

OKIE said...

In Wisconsin there is a tavern on every corner, in the south it's a Baptist Church. Culture shock when I moved here.

Alright LM, you are ahead of me. Hubby wasn't feeling well yesterday so I got everything I could done and now I just have the tree and few more items to put up. I'll have to wait until Saturday to put the stockings up as I ran out of push pins. I can't wait for it to be done.

Elmo is checking everything out. He is having quite the time. Am still nervous about the tree but we'll see.

Have a great day Irregulars. I hear there is a lot of snow in your forecast.

Tender Heart Bear said...

It is a contest between LM and OKIE on getting all their Christmas things up. I can't wait to see who will win this one.

Just to let everyone know I seen Daddy Orbs yesterday and he is doing very good. Also I will have Four for Fridays up this week but next week we will be up north having Thanksgiving with Drew's family and visiting with my family on the way home.

Have a great day and stay warm everyone.

OrbsCorbs said...

The snow forecast dwindles by the day. At one point they were saying 5-8 inches on Friday and 3-5 on Saturday. Now they're saying just 1-3 inches in Saturday. I hope they're right.

If I'm doing "very good," I'd hate to see what very bad is like.

kkdither said...

I've been to Cannery Row. It is now a mall with shops, a little different from the book immortalization. The view is still magnificent.

OrbsCorbs said...

Got my blood test results from yesterday. My white blood count is now good. It was elevated the last two times I saw the doctor, which usually means your body is fighting an infection or disease. Of course, I convinced myself I had cancer and was writing my obituary.

lizardmom said...

I am OFFICIALLY done decorating for Christmas. Tree is finished, and the house is clean (needles, dust and tinsel pieces were EVERYWHERE...) tomorrow I'm going on a lasanga making bender, stocking the freezer, and making a big pan for Thanksgiving for work. We're having a bday bash for one of the girls that'll be working and it's something she loves, good enough excuse for me!

Orbs, glad you're doing better!!!!!!!! While my sister and I were visiting our other sister last weekend, over lunch at Golden Corral in Merrilville, IN, we were discussing our after death plans (both local sister and I are going to be beside each other with our hubbies in rocks at West Lawn, and we're by a gorgeous pond!), an older lady next to us (guess we can be a little loud, oops...) asked if we planned on checking out soon - ahahaha, we all had a good laugh and even more fun conversation. good times!

OKIE said...

LM has me beat. In fact it was a smack down. Congratulations LM.

Orbs, I'm going into lecture mode. If you keep thinking you're sick, you're going to get sick. My Grandmother was scared to death she would have a stroke. She did and it ended her life. That was back in 1970. That being said, I honestly don't know if there were too many tests for high blood pressure or cholesterol. I bet you worried about getting shingles too. More positive thinking young man. Charlie needs you and so do we.

Other than that, I might have made a huge mistake at work and now I must wait for the consequences. Life's ups and downs.

OrbsCorbs said...

OKIE, are you using tinsel on your tree? Be especially careful so Elmo doesn't eat any. Cats love to play with the shiny stuff, but they also like to eat it. It gets caught in their digestive tract and blocks it. I know of two cats that died after eating tinsel, and another that barely made it.

Actually, I never thought about getting the shingles until I got them. However, there's little doubt that my mind is trying to kill me. My shrink even said so. Constant anxiety keeps me sick.

I hope your mistake at work isn't too devastating.

LM, you win the Christmas decorating contest. Now you can stop by here and decorate my apartment.

OKIE said...

Thanks Orbs. The tree is up but it is still bare. This fluffing takes a lot of work. When I was home for lunch, Elmo was curled up under the tree napping.

I guess we won't be putting the tinsel up this year. Again, thanks Orbs for saving our cat.