Saturday, November 28, 2015

Open Blog - Weekend

Enjoy the weekend.


MinnesotaChick said...

Morning all!
Think we sold the house, have an inspection in the morning which is another step to finalizing. What a trip this has been! Stressful and crazy to say the least.
Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving

Beejay said...

Minnesota Chick, that was fast!

Hope you're Thanksgiving was great. It was hectic, but fun. What a mess! Someone tell me why I clean before hand?

Today we tackle Christmas decorations. I have talked Biggie down to two trees; one inside and one by the pool. I won't count that Charlie Brown one we put in front of the house. I have to get it all done before Tuesday. No lifting or bending for ten days after surgery. And, I get one of those eye popping head dresses to wear. Whoopie!

lizardmom said...

slept in, it was wonderful! jammie day here and being moderately productive, yet nice and relaxed

OKIE said...

Icy here so I'm in. Time to tackle the things we hate to do. I'll be cleaning the stove. Oh what fun. I'd do the fridge too but hubby went grocery shopping so it's too full. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

kkdither said...

Congrats, MiniChick! That has to be a relief! Hope it all works out.

You will be on my mind, Ms. Beejay. Hoping all goes smoothly on Tuesday.

Today was the first day I've felt a little less stressed. Can the days off just continue for awhile?

Not feeling up to the decorating. Already, the commercialized commercials are starting to get to me. You don't love her unless you buy Kay's jewelry. You aren't cool unless you own the latest and greatest phone. It's perfectly normal to buy a car and park it in the driveway with a giant bow for your loved one. Be a hero, not a zero. Shameful!

OrbsCorbs said...

They had the bell ringers out early this past week. The ones they've posted at WalMart Neighborhood Mart are as wacky as most of the customers.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Just to let everyone know we made it home safe and sound. We had a really good time up north with both families. We also went out to do some birding while we were up there. I will post some Christmas pictures that I found while up north.

MiniChick- My fingers are crossed for you and I am praying everything goes good for you.

OKIE- I seen the report for down by you and I was praying you both are alright.

OKIE said...

I'm not alright. I have cabin fever and am tired of looking at trees whose branches are down. I discovered that my neighbors tree in the back yard is broken, not just weighed down by ice. It's still raining but the ice isn't melting.

That being said, we had friends over last night who don't have power. Lucky for us, our power lines are underground. There has been some flickering but so far so good.

I'm going to the store down the street just to get out. I need the sun. It's been gone for a week now.

Okay, I'm done.