Thursday, December 24, 2015

"A special thank you to Racine Uncovered readers"

From RacineUncovered:

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"Unique readers: 955,031
Number of visits: 4,589,145 (averages 382,429 per month)
Pages read: 19,929,452 (averages 1,669,788 per month)
Hits:105,780,253 (averages 8,815,021 per month)"

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Congratulations, Racine Uncovered, on your success.


kkdither said...

Congratulations to Racine Uncovered! Racine was in need of a reliable, alternative. You found your niche, and it took off. It isn't an easy task. I use your site as a "go-to" when I know things are happening in the city and I want the real news, not just a corporate review. You work very hard at it, and you deserve all the rewards. The same can be said for Racine County Eye. With all the accusations of wrong doing, Racine is in terrible need of various viewpoints, covering the happenings from many sides.

I remember how odd it was for me, when JTIrregulars would roll off of someones lips in the community, who had no idea who I was... and how that would surprise me. We never went for a newsy site, I guess our niche is more hometown, Irregular. And, I'm very okay with that.

lizardmom said...

congrats, Racine Uncovered! Very good, and exciting news!