Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my Eskimos!  How are you?  Wasn't that snowstorm something?  Yes, it was something I can live without, but I have a feeling that winter is just gearing up.  We'll be shoveling snow in April.   The wind just wouldn't give up on Monday, driving snow and ice into everything.  I could feel the minor drafts around our windows.  I guess Señor Zanza will have some insulating work on his agenda, whether he knows it or not.  It's an old house, but there are still plenty of years left in it.  It's just a matter of maintenance.  If you take care of your dwelling, it will take care of you.

Who's going to take care of our ailing Green Bay Packers?  The Arizona Cardinals made fools out of them this Sunday past.  There's only one game left in the regular season to play.  This Sunday, January 3 at 7:30 pm, our vaunted Packers will host the Minnesota Vikings.  Watch for the sparks to fly during this one.

In the Irregular Football League, we've just finished our regular season with the Racine Irregulars taking 1st place, The Mighty Bears winning 2nd, and the Half-Astrophysicists coming in 3rd.  That puts my Screaming Psychics in 4th.  Boo-hoo.  Wait till next year.

Speaking of next year, Happy New Year!  Now don't imbibe too much over the long weekend.  It just makes you hungover and wondering who you insulted.

Are you making any New Years resolutions?  My resolution is to grow younger, though I haven't the faintest idea of how to do it.  I'm tired of creaky bones and achy joints.  I can take any of a number of Madame Zoltar® products to ease my pain, but they don't last.  So then I have to take more and more, like an addict.  I want a permanent fix, like Calgon all of the time.  I'll take the exuberance of youth over the wisdom of old age any day.

I sincerely hope that next year is an improvement over last.  What if everyone fighting wars all over the globe just dropped their weapons and went home?  What if mass murderers talked to a psychiatrist before going on a rampage?  What if wife beaters and kid beaters and dog beaters sought help before beating someone up?  What if, what if.  It will take the Lord's help to accomplish any of those things.  He has to enter the hearts of the abusers, brawlers, and killers.  Unfortunately, that doesn't usually happen until these malcontents are sitting in prison.  Still, I hope and pray for peace.  You can kill people, but you can't kill prayers.

Thank you, my dears, for reading my blog today.  I love visitors and I appreciate the time you take to read my scribblings.  Best wishes for the New Year to you all.

"Calgon all of the time?"  Ask

Please be very careful driving on winter roads.  Patches of ice and other obstacles can appear suddenly.  Stay warm and take care of yourselves.  You're the only you I have.  I love you all.


OKIE said...

A Very Happy New Year to you Madame. Hopefully it will bring us good health and good friends.

OrbsCorbs said...

Thanks for your blog and Happy New Year to you, Mme. Z.

kkdither said...

I just got home from a few errands I had to run. The roads are in pretty good shape, overall; however, they are rather narrow in many areas. If you are in the right hand lane on major roads, and there is on-street parking, be prepared to stop, as your lane might not be wide enough to traverse.

Madame, I can't agree with you more on the creakiness that seeps in each year. I don't think I'd trade in the wisdom I've learned for physical well being. My mental health is better, and I like and accept myself more with each passing year. I think I might be turning into Maxine... to hell with those who want to judge others, they need to be more concerned with themselves.

Happy New Year, Madame. Happy New Year, Irregulars. You are all wonderful in my book!

lizardmom said...

Monday was wicked, we rescheduled our birthdays to this coming weekend, as they both rather sucked (his is the day before me and he was sick...) here's to healthy adventures and a mild rest of the winter, a girl can dream!