Monday, December 7, 2015

Open Blog - Monday

That about sums it up.


lizardmom said...

had a very productive weekend, tackled a big project that I had not planned on tackling - pictures/albums/updating/major downsizing, and finished it all before I crashed last night. Sure feels good to knock out a bear of a project like that!

OKIE said...

I FINALLY started the sewing part of my stocking. It's wearing me out. But it is coming along.

There is a cat in this house that is in a lot of trouble. He has decided to start pooping in the study. Hubby found some yesterday, I had a mound waiting for me this morning.

Orbs - any ideas how to stop this?

Don't know what is going on with Mother Nature giving us temps in the 60's this week. No complaints here.

Have a great day Irregulars.

Toad said...

OKIE, I love cat's, but If It has those issues, It will ALWAY'S have those issues.

OKIE said...

Gary said he is going to be a gone cat if this keeps up. I hope not as I have grown attached.

OrbsCorbs said...

OKIE, I assume you're keeping his litter box clean? I scoop out Charlie's daily and change it once a week. Otherwise, search online or call a vet, but the vet will cost you money.

OKIE said...

Thanks Orbs. I checked at lunch and discovered he has not used the litterbox which begs the question, where is he peeing. Oh wait I know, it's on our floors. Gary just changed the box Saturday and it's the same stuff we've been using.

We have to take Harley to the Vet tomorrow so I will ask him. I believe we clean it every 2 days and change it once a week.

Maybe if we find where he is doing his business, we will find the outside timer for the Christmas lights. We put it in a safe place so we wouldn't have trouble finding it this year. :{

OrbsCorbs said...

I finally got my Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you, THB and drew.