Monday, December 28, 2015

Open Blog - Monday

Let's "Get 'er done."


lizardmom said...

good morning, world. today's forecast sounds rather ominous... good day to hibernate, stay safe and warm!

OKIE said...

Thanks to Mother Nature, I am on day 6 of my Christmas Vacation. Ice everywhere. Unfortunately hubby's Aunt passed away a week ago and the funeral is today. Hopefully it is just a service at the funeral home.

This is a nasty nasty storm system Irregulars. Get your care packages now as I think you will have a snow day as well.

Stay safe my friends.

Tender Heart Bear said...

I was just out I had to go to the bank and it was nice going there and then when I left the bank the snow and wind was here so I just came straight home. If you have to go out please be very careful.

OrbsCorbs said...

It looks like a blizzard out there. I'll have to go out soon. I'll be careful.

I messaged my MD yesterday that the shingles are still killing me. He told me to increase the gabapentin to three times a day. I'll be walking into walls if I do that. I'll use my discretion.

OrbsCorbs said...

Holy shit, it's bad out there. The freezing rain/hail hurts when it hits your face. One hit my left eye directly. The wind is blowing like crazy. I stopped for gas and the pump was froze up. I wouldn't advise anyone to go out unless they have to. I, of course, had to get my Coca-Cola. Still just a buck for a 2-liter at Walmart. Next time I'm in the hospital, they can give me a Coca-Cola IV drip.

Coming back, there were six cars in the left turn lane. I was one of them and had my directional on. None of the others had their directional on. Driving skills have gone to hell. I suspect there's a lot of unlicensed drivers out there, too.

Toad said...

That's just what It did to me Orb's. I stumbled all over the place. I JUST got home from a Hospital Stay. I PCV's, which means you're heart goes BLIP, BLIP, nuttin, BLIP, BLIP, nuttin. when I put my pulse meter on, It said my pulse was 33. I about jumped out of my skin, and went to ER on Sunday, and they kept me until about 2P.M. today. Changed my meds, but now I have HIVES all over the place. "Old age ain't for Sissies" colleen nelson pawasasrat my sister said that before she died.