Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Open Blog - Wednesday

Love to you too, Betty.


OKIE said...

Betty looks quite fetching today. Well, our furnace is on the blink. Apparently the part that gets lit doesn't want to stay lit. We can light it back up and when it hits 75, shuts off. Thank goodness for space heaters which scare me to death. Kept the house warm though. Hubby will buy the part today. Video on you tube showed what needs to be done.

Other than that, still dealing with the damage from the latest ice storm. It is so sad. So many trees gone.

Have a great day Irregulars.

OKIE said...

Update: Hubby went to Locke Supply and before he got in the door they had the part out. Seems they could see what he had in his hand and they have them at the front desk. Here's to a warm house! (Although I have to admit it never got cold).

Beejay said...

Glad you have that furnace issue resolved, OKIE. A/C is on here...crazy weather. The weatherman, however, says that on Sunday this will change. The high is forecast to be 70. About time!

OrbsCorbs said...

Okie, I'm glad the furnace is fixed.

It's 30 degrees here. Tomorrow is supposed to run even lower, but then we're supposed to have a warming trend. I'm so glad I got a parking place in the basement. Going out in the storm was bad enough, but at least I didn't have to scrape a lot of snow and ice off of the truck, or deal with a parking lot that hasn't been plowed yet. My only complaint is that upon returning to the basement, all of the windows fog up. They put up new lighting in the basement, but I still can't see. I have to open both windows and turn on the windshield wipers to remove the condensation. It's kind of tight down there and I don't want to hit anything or anyone.

Also, I don't have to walk all the way over to the parking lot. The elevator is close to my front door and I just take it down to the basement. No more slogging through the mush with a shopping cart, then across the building to my apartment, and then returning the cart and walking back again. There are carts downstairs to bring up groceries, etc. There's even a wheelchair down there.

I want one of those electric mobility scooters to drag race in the halls. I've only seen one person with one since I've been here. She lives a few doors down and hates my guts. I'd challenge her to a race.

OrbsCorbs said...

A new game I'm playing: I get a phone call from "Unknown Name" two or thee times a week for years. I've picked up the receiver when Unknown calls, and there is silence for about thirty seconds and then they hang up. So I let those go to the answering machine like all my other unwanted calls.

But "Unknown Name" called again the other day and I had a sudden inspiration. I picked up the receiver and started talking to Unknown. I said, "Happy New Year! I hope you have a good one. My Christmas was OK. How was yours? Did you get what you wanted?" Click. Ha-ha. Unknown called again yesterday so I picked up the receiver and said "I'd really like to get to know you since you call here all of the time. Could you say anything, even just 'Hi?' It seems a waste of time to call here every few days and then hang up," Click.

I'm going to invite Unknown to the next JTI get-together.

kkdither said...

Orbs, most of those are auto-dialers for call centers. They are trying to sell you something, scam you, or do surveys. They call several numbers and the first one who picks up is the unlucky target. The rest get the few seconds of silence and then the dial tone.

I had one today who told me I won (((another))) free trip to the Caribbean. Fancy that. Who wins these trips multiple times like I do? When you are home all day, and have a land-line phone, the calls are ridiculous in number. It really bothered me when I was caring for a sick and dying parent. Eventually, I'll just go to a cell phone... although, I hate them.

lizardmom said...

Rough day today, had another funeral. Seems like the good people of the world get hit with cancer, while the bad ones keep going forever, not fair. Shared with my boss the dark place I was in this morning and trying to get out, she was shocked... yes, I have a dark side and it scares me too. Angry me is not a nice me :(