Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Open Blog - Wednesday

Have a great day.


lizardmom said...

woke with a headache, pain is right in the middle of my forehead... bring on the advil and hopefully it will kick in fast.......

Tender Heart Bear said...

I finally was able to get logged in here Because our computer is still in the shop and we are using my nook. I will find out later today when we will get the computer back I can't wait easier to type on the computer.
I hope everyone enjoys the nice weather I am going to try between making Christmas cookies.

OrbsCorbs said...

My kidney doctor said it's OK to take the new drug from my primary care doctor. It's gabapentin. He said to take one with the evening meal, and one with breakfast if the one at night isn't helping.

I took one last night with my meal. After about an hour, I was so sleepy I could barely stay awake. I decided to take a "nap" at 7 PM. I slept till 1:30 PM today, still dressed from just flopping on the bed last night. Of course, the gabapentin does nothing for the shingles pain/neuropathy, but it's one hell of a sleeping pill.

I told my primary care doctor yesterday that I wanted a conventional painkiller because I know it would work. That's what the doctor who originally diagnosed the shingles prescribed for pain. But, no, my doctor doesn't listen to the patient because king doctor believes he knows your body better than yourself. So now I have this fucking prescription that does nothing for my pain but knocks me out. I know if I complain to my doctor, he'll tell me to take the morning dose, too. Sorry, I can't take the morning dose because the evening dose made me sleep right past it. If I tell him that, he'll come up with some other oddball medicine. So I'll just live with the pain. That's healthcare these days. Totally fucked up.

From what little money I get each month, I pay out a ton for healthcare and prescription insurance. I pay and pay, but I get shit for results.

When I ran the muffler and brake shop, I'd be fired if a customer came to me with a complaint and I just shrugged my shoulders. Fucking MDs.