Saturday, January 9, 2016

"2015-a fantastic year for RU thanks to you the readers & doers"

From RacineUncovered

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"THANK YOU READERS & DOERS!!!! 2015 finished with a great year for Racine Uncovered website! We are the original, locally owned, longest running, completely free website for everyone! Want to thank everyone out there!
Our final totals for 2015 are:

  • Unique Readers 2015 ytd – 968,516 that’s 80,700 readers per month
  • Pages Read: 20,326,056 that’s 1,693,838 pages read per month
  • Hit 108,164,539 that’s 9,013,712 hits per month
  • Over 26,000 like us on Facebook
"2016 and will bring great things for sure to the website! (We are planning things now!)"

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kkdither said...

Thank goodness for alternate news sources. RU and RCE are the go to sites for what is really happening.