Monday, January 25, 2016

"Knowing calligraphy will be awesome!"

From The Lonely Libertarian :

"Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Our local schools tried doing away with teaching cursive writing for a year. That's how long it lasted before parents protested. Kids, being the long-range thinkers they are, don't see the importance of knowing how to read and write cursive, so they were all for dropping a "useless, archaic form of communication" from their already overloaded with nonsense curriculum. A local man, WWII vet, former school teacher, principal, superintendent.  gave a lecture to every class that would welcome him on how the written word has been used to create and control societies through history. When only the elite can translate historic and religious texts, they can tell the populace anything they want. When only the elite can read the original Bill of Rights and Constitution, they can tell the ignorant citizens of this once great nation whatever serves their purposes and keeps the peasants in line. We are just a few generations away from this horror. Fight for your kids' rights to learn how to read and understand important documents on their own.

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kkdither said...

Kids already can't read an analog clock. We are dumbing down society. School curriculum is being dictated to teachers simply to robot information to the test... no independent thinking skills required. This is what many teacher unions are fighting, not just money. They spew venom against the workers and want the public to believe it is greed based. Some claim there is a concerted plot to dumb down society. An ignorant population is a much easier group to lead and control.