Monday, January 25, 2016

Open Blog - Monday

Run like hell.


OrbsCorbs said...

Good morning. Can anyone tell I had problems with Time Warner Cable last night?

lizardmom said...

'just another manic Monday...'

OKIE said...

Good grief, Mondays come quick. Got up to 60 yesterday which is quite nice. That's it, I've got nothing on this Monday.

Hope they get your problem fixed Orbs.

Toad said...

Must have been a BAD weekend. Went to the grocery store In WI. Dell's Saturday, and I head barking In the parking lot. WELL, I can't resist dogs, so I sought out the barking dog, and found It In a beat up car. It was a shepherd looking dog, that no matter how nice I talked to It the barking continued. Anyhow the owner came out of the store, and turns out he was NASTIER than the dog. He started screaming at me about being near his car, and on and on, and finely called me an "Asshole" I turned, and said what did you call me, and he happily repeated It. I said I should call the Police, as I think you a DANGEROUS. He said "go ahead, I'll tell them, them you were trying to break into my car" I said "WHAT, HOW", and decided to just keep going into the store, and NOT get shot or something. I "HONEST INJUN" have NEVER seen a person act like this In my life. If I had been In Florida, I could have killed him, and not been charged, because he was so threatening.

Beejay said...

Toad, oh my goodness. That, however, explains the dog.

A bit cool this morning, but in the high 60s now.

Took my car to Toyota last week for an oil change and 35000 maintenance, told them about my Sirus Radio being intermittent at best. New antenna was needed. This is a $500 item if you are over 35,500. I was, but my service guy put me back to 35,200 and it was under warranty. Pays to be nice to people. Saved me $500!

Warming trend, then another cool snap here. No snow though.

OKIE said...

Toad - I wonder if he had something else in the car he didn't want you to see. I'm thinking narcotics. That being said, if it were Harley, he'd be all over barking at you. Of course I would be a whole lot nicer than the jerk you ran into.

Thanks for posting that Beejay as I need to make an appointment to get mine in. I no longer have "intermittent" windshield wipers. They are either on or off.

OrbsCorbs said...

I got a letter from Time Warner Cable today. It said the FBI has alerted them to the fact that their site has been hacked and email addresses and passwords were stolen. This is becoming a regular occurrence. Awhile back, I received a similar letter from Anthem, my health insurer. And I believe I got one from AARP, too.

I don't do anything after I get these letters. I want someone to steal my identity. It's shit and I want a new one.

On an unrelated note, I posted a video on from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue that supposedly explains why tax refunds are taking 8 - 12 weeks. It's all bullshit. I spoke with a friend who has a brother that works for the state in Madison. The real reason tax refunds are taking forever this year: Act 10. They haven't replaced any workers that retired, quit or croaked. So they have fewer and fewer people to deal with more and more tax returns. Thanks Scooter, you piece of shit. I've heard of a new name for our state: Wississippi.

OrbsCorbs said...

Toad, I avoid as much contact with others in the "real" world as possible precisely because of experiences like yours. I used to get into hassles over parking spaces, etc. Whenever a black person was involved, the first thing they said was that I was racist. Right, the guy who pimped the hell out of Pattern or Practice and other racial issues is a racist. They need to learn to stop with that victim attitude. It's nearly destroyed their families and culture.