Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Open Blog - Tuesday

Poor Charlie.


lizardmom said...

is it spring yet? couldn't get warm last night, then woke with a sore throat *blows raspberries...*

Tender Heart Bear said...

I couldn't deal with yesterday. Sunday after we went to Oshkosh to pick my daughter up and then take her back to school in whitewater and finally got home I smelled gas but the passenger door on the driver side of the car. So yesterday I took the car into the shop and yes it was the gas line. I had the car to the shop at 8am and the owner brought me home and the car was done at noon so the owner came to pick me up to go and get the car. Not only was that going on and then over the weekend our computer was acting up too. So while I was waiting for the car I was working on the computer. I found out when we are getting the busy signal by the courser that we have updates to do on the computer and that also slows down our computer until they are done.

I hope everyone has a great day.

kkdither said...

Maybe 4 hours of sleep last night. Meetings with big wigs soon. I'm anticipating important brain functions will be necessary. I'm downing some coffee, putting on a good face and charging forward. I can do this. Can I blow some of those raspberries, too? :-0*****

OKIE said...

No complaints about the weather here as 60's are predicted in the next few days. Off to the ear Dr. this morning to make sure it is healing. I think it is but you never know.

Other than that, the only thing I have to say is, it is the last week of January.

OrbsCorbs said...

THB, I know what repair shop you are speaking about. Nice to know they're still being gracious in their work.

I know the previous owner, kinda. I did know two of his daughters. Both of them spent some time behind the front desk of the shop. Back then, I knew almost all of the mechanics/techs. The one I knew the least about is the one who bought the shop when the previous owner sold. Drew has told me before about how satisfied you are with their work. That's always good to hear. It's always good to know of an honest shop.

"Funny," isn't it, that they still install steel brake and fuel lines, knowing full well that road salt will rot them away.

My 1986 F150 had some sort of "plastic" fuel lines, but still steel brake lines.
Luckily for me, the line failed after I'd just started the truck in a parking spot, and I hit the brakes to turn out into traffic. I hit the brakes and the pedal hit the floor. So I put the truck in neutral to let it rock back to whatever spot was "neutral." After it stopped, I put the truck in "Park" and turned it off. When I got around to the back of the truck, I could see brake fluid dripping from the truck.

I'm lucky the line broke when it did and not when I was out in traffic, or even on the highway. The next day, I called your shop, and they told me to bring it in whenever I could, or did I need a tow truck? I said no tow truck. My 8 years of working in the muffler and brake shop taught me how to drive when there are "no" brakes. After I got it to the shop, they gave me the keys to a loaner vehicle. It wasn't pretty, but it got the job done. Some sort of GM station wagon. You could tell from the smells and stains, that this vehicle had been used as a parts car.