Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"Racine WI Arrest Records"

The Arrest Report of Mount Pleasant Police Chief Tim Zarzecki

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kkdither said...

Who hasn't let a little accidental spit fly when they are upset? Haven't most people lost their temper and slammed a door, or thrown something in the heat of the moment at some point in their lives? Sometimes, people who are in the public eye are held to an impossibly high standard. They are human, too. He didn't touch her. Everyone said that. In my personal opinion... if you are looking for corruption or scandal, I think there are much bigger fish out there to fry. To me, this sounds like someone just has a personal agenda, vendetta or a bone to pick with the guy.

Let me also add that I don't condone his behavior. The arresting officer did the right thing that evening. I guess I don't understand what the writer of the article wanted to happen, him lose his job over an angry outburst with his wife?