Sunday, February 28, 2016

"2 fall through thin ice on Eagle Lake"

From The Journal

2 hours ago  • 

"DOVER — For the third time in a month, people have broken through thin ice on Eagle Lake."

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We should start a pool on the latest date that a person and/or vehicle breaks through the ice on a Racine County lake this winter/spring.  The person who comes closest to the actual date without going over it wins.


OKIE said...

Idiots. I don't live there but even I know it was too warm for "hard ice". Sheesh.

Toad said...

We have a car parked on the ice next to the bridge here In Mauston every year, for a benefit. The closes guess wins something, like 25 bucks or something? It keeps thawing and freezing here, so bunches of people should be quite unhappy, because It should have sunk this past weekend. It's been safely altered so no more of the shit that Is already In the river will be added to by the car. ONLY the factories are allowed to do that.