Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my ladies and gentlemen!  How are you?  Even though we're going through some cold times, it's supposed to be back above freezing by later next week.  Who said so? "They" said so, that's who.  At this point I don't think we've had too bad of a winter, but there's still plenty of time for winter mayhem.  One day at a time, my dears, that's the only way to take winter.  Or to savor spring, for that matter.

Who won the Super Bowl?  Who cares?  If our valiant Green Bay Packers aren't in the game, then's it's not a game.  The hoopla surrounding every Super Bowl guarantees an enormous income for the owners and the NFL.  Everybody is happy except the losers of the Super Bowl.  They still get a ring, right?  They need to maintain appearances in case something happens to the Super Bowl winners and they have to step in.  You never know. I do. That's my job.

If you're ever confronted by more bullies than you can handle, blow into your special OrbsCorbs hi-frequency ring. Soon, you'll be surrounded by OrbsCorbs loyalists, nutjobs, drug addicts, etc.  That should send the bullies running.

I'm sorry, but I just don't have that much to say today.   I have a cold and that has zapped my energy and my thought process.

Thank you for "tuning in" to my blog. I love visitors. I love you all.

Who's your secret valentine?  Ask

Enjoy your Valentine's Day this Sunday, Feb. 14.  Share your love.

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OrbsCorbs said...

Thank you for another astute blog, Mme. Z. I especially enjoyed the video.