Saturday, February 20, 2016

"March 1st - Recruitment event for Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare"

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You're Invited
Tuesday, March 1, 2016, 11am-7pm
Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare-All Saints Womens
Health Pavilion, 3821 Spring Street, Racine, WI 53405

Recruitment Event for Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare -All Saints
Hiring for pool, part- and full-time positions throughout our-All Saints, Racine location
Positions include RNs, CNAs, Laboratory, Radiology, Medical Assistants, Clerical, Food Service, Housekeeping,
and many more!
On-site interviews will be conducted!

Wheaton Franciscan offers competitive wages and benefits and
the opportunity to grow in a positive environment. Consider joining our team today!
To pre-register for the event, we recommend that you visit us at to create a profile prior to the event.
For questions, please call (262) 687-4287.
Making Our Community Stronger. Healthier. Better.


kkdither said...

When I read this, I ask why a company needs a large recruitment event. Are they expanding, or are they losing employees faster than they can replace them?

I worked there for awhile, many years ago. There were so many upper mismanagement problems, and a systematic standards and practice problem which made it not a good place to be for employees. I left after 18 months. Not sure if they fixed their problems, but I'd be rather leery of looking there for employment.

Toad said...

A Corporation, or whatever It Is, that needs people so bad, they have an EVENT, usually means they either can't find people that are qualified or, as stated earlier they can't keep help? I suggest they are having internal problems, mixed with lack of skills, and lack of physicians willing to follow the policies they have set? I personally find It amazing a hospital the size of this has to FLY out patients to Milwaukee on a VERY regular basis. I understand Froedert Is a level 1 Trauma Hospital, but would ask WHY Wheaton Is NOT? Many people I know have nothing but BAD things to say about the hospital. EVERYBODY can't be wrong. My twin has spent months in this facility, and the stories are horrific.

OrbsCorbs said...

Wasn't Wheaton just absorbed by some other healthcare provider?

We've all heard and/or lived the nasty stories coming out of Wheaton. I have standing orders with my friends that if I suddenly become unable to care for myself, send me to Aurora Hospital in Kenosha.

Toad, I agree. With a city that has this many shootings and accidents, our ER should be a Level 1 Trauma Unit.