Monday, February 22, 2016

Open Blog - Monday

Hey, there's no reason to bring someone's heritage into this. Or is there?


lizardmom said...

this weekend flew right on by, and poof, it's Monday again. Here's to a better week!

OKIE said...

After a glorious weekend with temps in the 80's and 60's, its time to go back to work. They are talking about snow tomorrow but only for the northern parts of the state. We are supposed to get rain which is desperately needed. I think we've had a half an inch all year. With the winds constantly blowing, fires are popping up all over.

Have a great day Irregulars.

kkdither said...

On to Tuesday... Always one of my busiest days. Actually got out to celebrate National Margarita Day for a little bit with a friend after work. Nice to laugh again. Haven't been doing enough of that lately, for sure.