Monday, February 29, 2016

Open Blog - Monday



lizardmom said...

it's nice having an 'extra' day. I don't want to give our hour back in 2 weeks, tho! I could use a few more spare days!

OKIE said...

I went and got an estimate on my car Friday - $649.00 which is nuts. But it chipped the paint so it has to be painted.

Rain is in the forecast tonight which is great. We are desperate.

I have news - the trees are starting to bloom. Early stages but you can see it. Between that and the warm temps, I am getting spring fever.

Have a great Monday everyone.

kkdither said...

I heard that today is Justin Bieber's 22nd birthday. He is a leap year baby. I guess that makes him 5 1/2. Sounds about right.

Sorry to hear about your car, Okie. At least the other guy will be paying?

Get your groceries and tuck yourselves in, local Irregulars. The weather service has upped the ante on the snowfall estimates. Grrrr. In like a lion, out like a lamb? Hope so.....

Toad said...

kk, That's a riot about Justin Bieber.

About the weather. Don't worry, by the time the trusted Weather Service gets done updating the information the storm will have moved up more toward us. We went to Black River Falls yesterday, and It was 52 degrees when we left Mauston. By the time we left Black River Falls It was 34, and snowing like crazy, all the way to Tomah. It's lovely here today Sunny and 33 degrees. Gas Is up to 1.74 here now, funny how It goes UP 10 times faster than It goes down.

OKIE, 349 bucks sure doesn't sound like much. Do they paint cars with a BRUSH down In OK? We have a few of those here.

OKIE said...

Toad - $ 649.00.

It is 75 here today but only in the 50's tomorrow.

Toad said...

OKIE, How I hit the 3 instead of the 6 will alway's be a mystery.