Monday, February 8, 2016

Open Blog - Monday

Mondays are made in hell.


lizardmom said...

good morning
the weekend went far too fast, but I was far more productive than originally planned. hubby has been working on painting the kitchen, and somehow as a result, I seem to have slipped into a spring cleaning mode... this gets me off the hook for going it actually in spring, right?

OKIE said...

I'd have to agree with you LM. It would constitute early spring cleaning. After all, spring is only about 5 weeks away.

I have to say that a Super Bowl without the Clydesdales is not normal. I know they were in a commercial but not like I'm used to seeing. The game was good though. Cam Newton needs to take some lessons in humility. Talk about a sore loser.

That's it. Have a good day Irregulars.

kkdither said...

The game was on in the background. I had zero to little interest. I did see one play where the QB was interrupted while attempting a pass, fumbled it, and the opposing team recovered for a TD. Who, what, when, where, why is more than I know... Not the Packers. That's about it.

Some flakes flying outside, but not supposed to be much? I hope.

Toad said...

You have flying flakes down there. They just walk about here. We do have a flake that bounces a basketball over, and over while walking on the sidewalk, snow or not. They ride bikes here snow or not also. Speaking of Flakes. What ever happened to Jeff Flake from Congress. Been quite awhile since he has made any trouble. Imaging growing up with the name Flake. LOL

OrbsCorbs said...

Good evening, all.