Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my spring buds and buddies!  How are you?  Isn't this weather something?  It was in the 70's yesterday.  Dear Ms. OAKIE: send us more!  People were out everywhere, raking leaves, cleaning gutters, driving LOUD boom cars and motorcycles with straight pipes.  I couldn't hear if there were any birds because of all the other noise.  Cabin fever exploded and it wasn't very pretty, but it's necessary.  Homes had windows open all over.  Even at night, as I write this, I can hear police sirens and tires squealing.  I guess the bad boys got a taste of the weather, too.

A sure sign of spring: don't forget to set you clocks ahead one hour on Saturday night.  Daylight Saving Time dates always make me "loggy" for about a week.  It takes time to adjust to the new time.  Then, a week after that, spring officially starts.  I know we're not out of the woods yet, but this winter has been very acceptable to me.  We didn't have that much snow (which is not good for the landscape) or days below zero.  Like Ms. OAKIE says: the bugs will probably be intolerable this year because not enough got killed off in the mild winter.  I don't hang out outside that much, so that's OK with me.  And the bugs are more bird food. But I don't want to get stung or bit.  I wonder if our mosquitoes will be carrying some of those nasty blood viruses?  Thank heaven for SC Johnson and Off, and their other anti-insect products.  I grew up watching those Raid commercials on TV.  Even after a can of insecticide is empty, you can still use the can to crush bugs.  Or get an insect eating cat.  Most of them are. They'll chase down a bug on the floor or wall, eat it, and then puke it up later for you.  How convenient.

Mr. Mayor Dickert is holding "office hours" today from 1:30 to 2:30 PM at the Johnson Building downtown:  People can convey their concerns to him in this way.  Really, though, only one hour long?  I could take up an hour bitching by myself.  I think Mr. Mayor looks at downtown Racine as his personal Monopoly board, and he's rigged the game.  The rest of Racine doesn't even exist as far as he is concerned.  Anyone taking bets on whether or not Machinery Row will happen?  Remember Pointe Blue?  Remember Porter's?  As a psychic, I feel compelled to let you all know that Machinery Row will "happen" much differently than is currently planned.  More of Mr. Mayor's cronies need to steal more of our money for this project to proceed.  Then it will not be completed and it'll look half-assed.  But the important thing is that more political thieves get more of our money.

Junior got his "temps" and Señor Zanza has taken it upon himself to teach Junior how to drive.  My God.  I've never seen a man look like Señor Zanza does after taking Junior out for a lesson.  He looks like someone who has somehow survived a massive natural disaster.  I think I saw him kissing the ground after the last lesson.  Why he continues, I don't know.  Maybe he sees it as some sort of challenge.  As long as they're using Señor Zanza's car, I don't mind.  Junior will never get the keys to my car.  Never.

Forever: my love for you.  Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for being you.  I very much appreciate my readers and encourage more to try my blog out.  It won't hurt, I guarantee you.

Have a question?  Sure you do:

It's supposed to cool off for the rest of the week, so enjoy the weather while you can.  Watch out for oblivious people who are lost in the weather.  Watch out for kids playing in or near the street.  Watch out for Madame Zoltar readers - they're the nuttiest bunch out there.  Good thing I love nuts.  And I love you.


OKIE said...

I will try to send all the warm weather I can. Personally I am quite worried (as are other people) about spring starting so early this year. I hope it doesn't mean an active tornado season but in reality, I think it does.

I will agree with you Madame, it is nice to have the windows open again. Just hearing the birds is beautiful.

As always, thank you for your post.

Tender Heart Bear said...

I agree with Madame and OKIE about having the windows open again. I had ours open yesterday and seeing the birds coming to the feeders and them singing was so nice. Also airing out the house was great.

I went to see Drew for lunch today and the car said 63 degrees outside and I had to take my jacket off it is so nice out there.

Madame I know how you feel about Junior getting his temps I went through that three times.

kkdither said...

Johnson is running overtime, trying to make enough Off! They are donating a bunch of it to countries who are reporting illness. They are a great company, and people bitch about them all the time. Go figure.

As for temps and driving... I survived. They really upped the number of hours you have to document with your fiendish drivers.

Nice blog, Madame, as usual. Love to you!

OrbsCorbs said...

Thanks for the blog, Mme. Z. Let me teach Junior to drive: pedal to the metal all the time.

Madame Zoltar said...

Thank you all for the mice comments. I love you.