Monday, March 28, 2016

"GoFundMe campaign supports slain delivery driver's family"

From The Journal

"RACINE — In the wake of delivery driver James Norris’ death in a Friday night shooting, a Racine woman with ties to his family has started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the family.

"Corey Durik, 28, leads a Girl Scout troop that includes one of Norris’ daughters, Samantha. Norris, 37, was shot and killed Friday night in the 3900 block of Green Street while making a food delivery.

"Durik’s sister Jamie spoke with Samantha’s mother on Saturday, and that inspired Corey to create the GoFundMe.

"'I don’t believe they have insurance, so they’re going to need help with the funeral,' Corey Durik said.

"Corey Durik pledged to give all of the money the campaign raises to Norris’ family to use in whatever way they see fit.

"Corey said that while she didn’t know Norris extremely well, she knew him to be a giving person: He once fixed Jamie Durik’s car for free.

"'He offered to fix it for free to help get her by,' Corey said. 'He’s helped other people out like that, too.'

"Jamie, whose daughter is also in Corey’s troop and is close friends with Norris’ daughter, agreed with Corey’s assessment of Norris and emphasized his love for his children.

"'Those kids were his world,' Jamie said. 'He would give the shirt off his back just so they would have something to put on.'

"And it’s because of Norris’ children that Jamie thinks people should donate as much as they can.

"'Whether it’s to help with the family or the funeral arrangements, at least you donate to the kids,' she said. 

"'A mother (has) to raise four kids by herself, at least give her a little extra help.'"

How to Donate

To donate to James Norris' family, visit

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