Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Governor Scott Walker Declares State of Emergency for Winter Storm"

From RacineUncovered:

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"Gov. Scott Walker issued Executive Order #190 today declaring a state of emergency as a major winter storm begins to impact Wisconsin.

"This storm is bringing heavy snow, strong winds, and potential blizzard conditions across the statetonight, Gov. Walker said. It may cause dangerous drifting and blowing snow as well as limited visibility on roads and highways, causing treacherous driving conditions. As a precautionary measure, we want to ensure all state resources are available and ready, if needed. We urge all Wisconsinites to be cautious of the weather conditions and remain safe while outside or driving.

"The National Weather Service has forecasted up to a foot of snow for central Wisconsin from River Falls to the Green Bay area. Other areas will see lesser amounts of snow. Winds of over 30 miles per hour will cause blowing and drifting snow.

"Gov. Walkers State of Emergency calls to active duty elements of the Wisconsin National Guard as deemed necessary by Major General Donald Dunbar to assist local authorities. The declaration also directs all state agencies to assist in any response or recovery efforts.

"Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM) has been monitoring this storm system and working closely with state agencies, local officials, and the National Weather Service to track the storm and monitor the road conditions. If needed, actions could be taken to close roadways or portions of the interstate."

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Hot damn.  This could be a killer snowstorm.  Be careful out there.

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