Monday, March 21, 2016

"Heavy snow in forecast for first week of spring in parts of Wisconsin"

From JSOnline:

By David Paulsen of the Journal Sentinel

"It's the first week of spring: Get ready for snow, Milwaukee.

"The forecast is calling for more than 8 inches of snow Wednesday night into Thursday in parts of southeast Wisconsin, mostly far north of Milwaukee, the National Weather Service said Monday morning.

"Milwaukee is set to receive at least 2 inches, according to the latest projections. So if that 71-degree day earlier this month prompted you to put away the snow shovel, you might want to dig it out again.

"But how much snow actual will fall is anyone guess. 'Storm systems this time of year are especially difficult to predict, and this one is't doing anything to prove that,' the National Weather Service office in Sullivan said Monday in an online post about the coming storm.

"It depends on whether the storm tracks to the north or to the south, and how much moisture it picks up along the way. Be prepared for the forecast to change one way or the other as the storm gets nearer to Wisconisn.

"It already has been a roller-coaster of a March, with freezing temperatures and several inches of snow to start the month. That was followed by a rapid warmup, with the high in Milwaukee hitting 71 on March 8. That didn't break the record for the day, but the 67 degrees recorded on March 9 did.

"After that, temperatures retreated into the 30s and 40s until last weekend, when the low Sunday dropped to 28, just below normal for this time of the year."

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The Sheriff said...

Happy Spring blog here:

OrbsCorbs said...

In other words, they don't have any idea of what will happen. And they get paid for forecasting that.

MinnesotaChick said...

Exactly, Orbs! They say 6-10" for here. Last time it said that we got 2-3. I sure hope it's like that this time!

kkdither said...


lizardmom said...

is it too late to go hibernate??

OKIE said...

Well that stinks. We are 80 today and back into the 50's on Thursday. Winter will not go out quietly. Not that 50 is cold. Just clarifying.

OKIE said...

I just looked at the Weather Channel and they are showing an inch.

Toad said...

OKIE, I'll take the snow this late, anytime VS what you get In the Spring. I don't have to hide In the bathtub when It snows. Regardless how much falls, It will pretty much be gone by Sunday.

OrbsCorbs said...

They've gone from predicting over a foot of snow for us to rain with 1 inch of snow. I hope that forecast is correct.

OKIE said...

I hear you Toad. Everyone is on edge this year. No real winter and an early spring could make for some bad storms.

The one thing we are getting is lots of wind. Up to 45 mph. Breezy.