Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"Howell a finalist for Rockford chief job"

From The Journal

"RACINE — Racine Police Chief Art Howell is a finalist for the police chief vacancy in Rockford, Illinois.

"Ian Linnabary, the board secretary for the Rockford Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, confirmed that Howell is one of three finalists for the opening vacated by Chester Epperson in November 2015.

"Linnabary also confirmed that Rockford Assistant Deputy Chief Doug Pann and Elgin, Illinois Operations Bureau Commander Daniel O'Shea are the other two finalists for the position.

"Howell became Racine's first black police chief in April 2012. 

"The Journal Times will update this story as more information becomes available."


OrbsCorbs said...

Isn't Rockford worse than Racine?

OrbsCorbs said...

"In February, the FBI ranked Rockford as the fifth-most violent city in the country, a ranking worse than Baltimore and Chicago." -