Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"Late maneuvering in Senate blocks cannabidiol measure"

From JSOnline:

By Jason Stein and Cary Spivak of the Journal Sentinel

"Madison— A bill to help anguished parents get a child seizure treatment failed to get a vote amid Tuesday's hastily adjourned Senate session, even though a strong majority of senators support the proposal.

"Three top GOP senators successfully blocked the bill, which would have made it easier to get a drug that is derived from marijuana and used to treat children who suffer from severe seizures and have few other medical options.

"Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) stymied a floor vote on the legislation Tuesday by scheduling a hearing on the bill and then canceling it on Wednesday. Bills can't be brought to the floor if they have a hearing pending.

"Fitzgerald, who indicated he would have voted for the bill himself, said he used the parliamentary rule to keep other GOP senators from having to vote against a bill that they support.

"When Democrats tried to take a two-thirds vote to override that rule, Fitzgerald abruptly adjourned the Senate before the vote could be held. The action drew sharp criticism Wednesday from the bill's bipartisan supporters, including Sen. Van Wanggaard (R-Racine) and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester).

"'They should use actual facts to explain why they are blocking the will and hope of parents statewide,' Wanggaard said of the bill's opponents.

"'That three senators stopped that bill — it's outrageous and it's unconscionable,' Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) said.

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kkdither said...

All three are assholes. Their antics the past five or so years have been totally disgraceful. They should be recalled. If people really paid attention, there would be a huge uproar over the legislation they have passed, and what it has done to the middle class, and their abhorrent behavior on the Senate floor.

We can add the idiots who want to block ANY supreme court nominee, simply because they don't want Obama to succeed in a nomination. We are an embarrassment with this rude and childlike behavior. It is hurting good, taxpaying citizens.

lizardmom said...

if it'll help, they'll be against it, unless it helps them... sick and sad :(

OrbsCorbs said...

This is due to the marijuana phobia that goes all the way back to Harry Anslinger and his lies about marijuana. Reefer Madness was one of the results. Total bullshit and lies. But it lasts to today in some people. Look at Colorado. Marijuana is legal there. How is it that the people haven't started raping and murdering each other, Mr. Anslinger?

OKIE said...

Such bullshit. Don't let the kids have something that won't do them any harm, but give them strong narcotics instead. Dumbasses.

Since legalizing pot, Colorado has a lot more money coming in, and crime is down. Of course Oklahoma is suing them because drugs may be passing through here. And the AG is going to run for Governor so he's trying to get the bible thumper vote. You know the ones who consider themselves God like, except they are far from it.

OrbsCorbs said...

No child or anyone else is going to get hooked on cannabidiol. It's not even reefer. It's a derivative of marijuana.

If given heavy duty narcotics to repress seizures at an early age, you can almost assume the child will become an addict.

If given cannabidiol, it may help control seizures in children. It's not addictive, and nowhere near as "vicious" as the opiods.

The United States and Big Pharma and Big Alcohol should "come together" on the subject; i.e., make Big Money from it and allow medical marijuana nationwide, controlled by doctors and not drug dealers.