Thursday, March 3, 2016

Open Blog - Thursday

"Something new" and good, please. My neg-o-meter has been stuck on full negative for days.


lizardmom said...

good morning!
another mostly sleepless night. I thought I would have slept better, as I did a Goodwill 'marathon' with a friend after work. We hit up ours, the new Oak Creek one and Franklin. I was super tired when I finally got home and thought for sure I would be out cold. nope... maybe I'll try a nice, long hot bath this afternoon and see if that gets better results

kkdither said...

Must be the "I need Spring" blues. I've had them for months.

OKIE said...

I am in pre spring fever. Believe it or not, we have asparagus coming up already. So far only on one side so I am worried the fence falling on it might have hurt it. Hope not.

Lots of birds coming back and yes, flies and other creatures. I wonder if it is because we keep having the warmest months on record. I'll have to check the hummingbird migration map. Don't want to miss them.

Stay warm Irregulars. Looks a little chilly up there. We are in the 60's with high wind and high fire danger.

OrbsCorbs said...

The Journal Times has a new look. I think it's horrid, but commentators so far like it.

OrbsCorbs said...

Not only is it horrid, but it's also ghastly.

They've adopted the McJournalism style of most trash sites, from on down.

The much larger fonts are kind to my eyes. They (Lee Enterprises) know that the baby boomers will be the largest share of the market for some time to come. It makes sense to cater to us with glitzier bullshit and larger fonts.