Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Open Blog - Tuesday

Listen to the panda and have a good one.


lizardmom said...

I am getting more confident that spring is getting closer. Yesterday, while hanging out with the neighbors' dog outside, the sound of the birds singing was incredible and actually quite loud. So many happy birds has to be a good sign of nicer weather being here to stay, right??

Tender Heart Bear said...

LM- Migration has started a little early so more birds are on their way here. I have been seeing a lot more this past weekend. I have been hearing a lot more at our bird feeders too.

I am enjoying this week because then on Friday I have to go and get my daughter from Whitewater she will be on Spring break for a week.

OKIE said...

Kids are on spring break this week down here. Good weather for them.

This time change is messing with me. Not because of the obvious but because changing all the clocks means some of them aren't correct. This morning the computer said 8:32, the clock above said 8:34, bedroom 8:35. Needless to say, I walked into work at 8:59. Oh well.

Have a wonderful day Irregulars.

hale-bopp said...

No time change here...welll, I came back a few days ago and am still working on that three hour time change thing. Wouldn't be so bad except I had an overnight flight which really messed with things.

lizardmom said...

THB, weird she is off next week, another UW campus is off this week, LaCrosse. you'd think all within the system would have the same timeline. enjoy!
OKIE, I sync everything to my cell phone time, right down to the DVR's, that seemed to be the most accurate, so I just do it that way :) I'm not a shoe/purse/etc kinda gal, but I do like watches, especially on sale or clearance. I found the batteries last much longer if you pull out the time adjuster when not in use, so I just have to change whichever one I'm going to wear for the day. Changing them all was a pain... this works so much nicer :)

OrbsCorbs said...

Hello, my fans and stalkers. I've been eating only one meal a day due to budget restrictions. After a few days, it doesn't feel too well. My bank is supposed to adjust my balance; then I can eat again.