Tuesday, March 29, 2016

"Racine Police and fire respond to accident at Starbucks on Green Bay Road"

From RacineUncovered:

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Credit - Racine Uncovered
Credit - Racine Uncovered
"Racine Police and Racine Fire Department were called to Starbucks located at 2805 S. Green Bay Road earlier earlier this afternoon for an accident. According to radio reports when first responders were dispatched, a vehicle had struck another vehicle, hit a pedestrian and hit the building. Mount Pleasant Police also arrived on scene. Radio reports that no one suffered serious injuries, there is damage to the building and witnesses report that the store is closed at this time"
Credit - Racine Uncovered
 Read more: http://racineuncovered.org/2016/03/police-and-fire-respond-to-accident-at-starbucks-on-green-bay-road/

"But, officer, it says 'Drive-Thru'"

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