Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my left and right, hello to all!  How are you?  "They" are saying it will warm up this weekend, but we know how the forecasters' game goes: spin the wheel, throw a dart, and make a prediction.  When it doesn't pan out, blame it on "computer models."  I don't need computer models.  I saw someone cutting their grass this afternoon.  That's all the "model" I need.  Soil temperatures have to reach a certain level for grass to germinate.  It may be slow, but it's warming up out there.  OK, "they?"

Well, it finally happened.  Junior crashed Señor Zanza's car.  And not in a small way, either.  Thank God that both of them are OK.  Junior managed to take out a traffic light pole.  That punched a big "vee" into the front of  Señor Zanza's Honda.  Everything's insured, but I don't know if Señor Zanza will ever get into an automobile with Junior again, whether he's licensed or not.  My poor dear.  He looked so shocked.  Junior, on the other hand, just appears sheepish.  He's said, "I'm sorry," to Señor Zanza about five thousand times.  I don't think it's made a dent yet.

I know this would never happen to my car, because Junior would never get near driving it.  If he even thinks about it, I'd know.  That's one of the drawbacks to having a psychic for a mother.  I wanted to send Junior to a driving school, but, nooo, Señor Zanza said he'd do it.  I asked him to reconsider.  He insisted that he was up to the job.  Now he's so sedated, he's snoozing it off in bed.  I think when he wakes up, he may be more inclined to agree with me about a driving school.  Let Junior put them out of business rather than risk our lives.

Thank God that Mr. Cruz won the Republican primary for Wisconsin.  If Mr. Trump had won, I'd have to consider moving out of state.  And I'm not even a Republican.

Years ago, I gave some thought to entering politics.  Thank God I recovered.  I have a tendency to speak the truth and that is the last thing wanted in politics.  Truth is like antimatter to politics.  Two lies that collide in the political arena spawn more lies.  Two truths that collide in the political arena can cause a meltdown.

Because we're in a presidential election year, we're going to see and hear a mass of political ads and appearances.  Try to take them in your stride.  Many of them will be lies or distortions or comments taken out of context.  It's going to get dirtier and dirtier.  And that's just leading up to the conventions.  Once we have two candidates, I predict it will be like a sewer.  I don't like voting for people who spout lying crap, but I guess I have little choice.

Still, I believe that we live in the greatest nation on earth.  And I think my readers are the greatest readers in the universe.  I love you all.  Thank you for reading my blog today.

Who has the most campaign money?  Ask

There's more birds out there, and more things poking out of the ground and from trees.  Spring is nature's rebirth.  Bask in whatever pieces of it that you can


lizardmom said...

spring feel like it's trying it's best not to arrive. I have a feeling when warmth really does come our way, we may just get cooked...

Tender Heart Bear said...

They are talking about the high 60's for the weekend. That just means time to get the grill out and THB does not cook this weekend.

Madame Z- I know the feeling about teaching kids how to drive I went through it three times. I think that is why my nerves are so bad.

Thank you Madame Z for your post.

OKIE said...

Ted Cruz just called Celiac disease a liberal problem. Okay. This whole election cycle is unreal.

Thanks as always for your blob Madame. Glad everyone is alright after the wreck.

OrbsCorbs said...

I also thank you for your "blob," Mme. Z.! Insightful as always.

kkdither said...

I love Mme's blob, er... blog. I, too shaved off a few years of my life teaching kids to drive. We always started off finding an empty parking lot and practiced pulling into spots. When we had to go on the road, I was always sure it would be certain death.

OKIE said...