Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Greetings From St. Croix

Visiting St. Croix since it has been 25 years since I lived here. Went out tonight and took pictures of the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) dish. There are 10 of these scattered from St. Croix to Hawaii that act as one huge radio telescope. This dish was under construction when I lived here.

You might notice some unfamiliar stars since this is pretty far south. Eta Carina is visible in a couple of photos (in the first photo, the plane trail points to a faint fuzzy path up to the right...that's it) and two of the stars of the Southern Cross are visible...might have got the whole thing if I stayed later.


lizardmom said...


OKIE said...

One has to wonder if aliens are looking at this planet and saying "they are bat shit crazy". I keep saying the only time we will ever see peace on this planet is when we are visited by another. Scary but exciting all at the same time.

Unless of course you watch Ancient Aliens and then they are already here. :}

Thanks Hale.

kkdither said...

I thought I recognized Eta Carina. (not)

Had to be cool to see the completed project.

OrbsCorbs said...

Among the first things televised into space (inadvertently), were the 1936 Olympics, where the Nazis put on a huge show. They didn't win shit, but Hitler had his pomp and parades anyway, all of it glorifying the Nazis. That's what ET will see first from our TV images.

Thank you once again, Mr. -bopp, for your beautiful photography.