Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Open Blog - Wednesday

Don't forget to get your nose wet.


lizardmom said...

I'm blowing my poor nose nearly non stop. Feels like I have a cold coming on, yippee

Toad said...

Winnie, has a BIG wet nose.

OKIE said...

We are wet from the 4 inches of rain over the past few days. It's been wonderful.

Orbs - I'm late to the game but I'd like to respond to the lawyer thing. Why not just report the guy to the Bar Association. He's not doing his job, he took your money, you deserve justice.

BL Basketcase said...

Dear Irregulars,

I am being accused of things I did not do. I quit posting a while back because of some silly drama that has escalated to ugliness. I would like to defend myself.

I am not a JTI hater in any way.

I have been mildly anonomys in a few posts a few years back and being mean was never my intention.AND IT CERTAINLY WAS NOT POLITICAL.( for example I was defending Lizard Mom
and not the hat store.)

I am not one who is mean and will try to destroy anything, especially that of JTI, as I loved going on this site probably bordering to the point of being obsessive.

I do not care about Racine politics unless it involves dogs or children.I get truly outraged
by child and animal abuse.

I do not have time to further get involved in them and only went to a few meetings regarding
the community because it involved a dog.

I am a "techtard" and do not know much about making new profiles or even forgetting to find my own on Blogger. I am dumber than you think by far.

I bashed no one as another persona and I do not have time to incorporate this into my life, which is very stressful due to family issues.

I do not work at any other job much. I cannot use any computer from any work place because
everything is all blocked except work sites. I probably work 1 or 2 days a month.

I care for my mother and grandchildren, take care of animals, and sometimes other people.
I rarely get out for any enjoyment in life. I have a racing heart at night along with severe anxiety. I have other family members that also need my help and I am helpless. The list goes on...... My life is basically bust and it is like I fight things way more powerful than myself. I also gained 10 pounds and am also starting with some health issues, along with depression.

I have stopped in by JTI a few times and said hello.
and felt happy that I was acknowledged. This is the extent with my involvement for a long time.

I have no hate in my heart for anyone.

I do not like being personally threatened and asked that it be stopped.

A word on someone elses defense. He wasnt that certain blogger and it is a mystery to us as well. I would look other blogger that use multiple profiles. That type of seriousness scares me.



OrbsCorbs said...

We are all scared to shit of you. I've personally have been the recipient of your tirade against the JTI. You ripped me a new asshole for absolutely no reason. I was blindsided by your attack and swore that was the last time I would ever see you again. No one believes you (check with them yourselves if you don't believe me) because you damn near de4stroyed us the last time you blew up. What do you want from us? Why do you keep haunting us? You and your boyfriend are conceited snobs. You always HAVE to be the center of attention. Attention whores - that's what you are. I felt so bad for hale-bopp when you attacked him at the restaurant for not paying enough attention to you. It freaked us all out. I don't know what league you and your boyfriend play in, but it's definitely not ours. Please go back to whatever hole you crawled out of and direct your lies elsewhere. I've polled the active members of the JTI and we do not want you here. We never know when you're going to blow up again because of some perceived slight or because someone else's blog has one more comment than yours. Please stop posting here and please stop damaging us. You've destroyed us by about 95% Now you're zooming in on the remaining 5%? Please, please, PLEASE leave us alone. None of us want to be near you. You go off like a bomb for no fucking reason, attack all of us, and now you want to play patty-cake.

Btw, obsessive is hardly the word for it. Your IP is all over the site all day long. You're mentally ill. (I'm NOT calling names; I'm mentally ill, too, but I admit it.) There's nothing left here but tatters and rags. But you have to destroy that, too, don't you? You can't stop yourself from doing it. You're definitely OCD and I suspect bi-polar because of the way you go off on us. We're not your personal toilet. Please leave us alone. Maybe you and your boyfriend can have a bragging contest to keep you occupied. Whatever you do, please don't do it here. You've won. There's nothing left. Please get the hell out.

OrbsCorbs said...

OKIE, Thank you, but I don't believe the bar association will do shit. Lying lawyers all cover for each other. They are below the serpent in God's order. They make their living from the misery of others and encourage as much misery as possible in order to maximaze profits. When I see a lawyer, I see Satan.

It's just too late. The dam has broken and the creditors will eat me up alive. I tried to take care of it, I trusted someone.... Now I'm fucking crying again. Son of a bitch, I'll never trust anyone again. Not only have my finances been destroyed but so has my trust for anyone. Fucking pig shyster. Just like his fucking pig wanna-be shyster friend. Always knows everything about everything. Alwaqys is smarter, richer, better than you. But when the pedal hits the metal, he fails you like a paper tiger, blurting "I'm sorrys" after destroying your life.

I also believe this was intentional. Why would a lawyer sit on an active, paying case? He wouldn't, unless him and his buddy think it's funny to ruin others' lives. I was set up and then dropped with a coldcock. There's no reason for the lawyer to behave this way, except his pal encourages it. They had a great laugh at my expense. There must be some joy in destroying those on the lowest rungs of society that I don't understand.

OKIE said...

Orbs you have to look at it like you were screwed (because you were) and you have to fight back. Do you have a Facebook page? If not create one and go after them. Social media does wonders. My mother in law had problems with her vehicle and nothing was being done. My nephew posted a few things and within 24 hours, the president of the company personally called her. You don't have to go off, just ask if anyone has used this particular firm because they took your money and didn't do anything.
Don't give up, get even.

OKIE said...

I forgot to tell you what I did this morning. I was going to get an upgrade to my navigation system for my car on the computer. Apparently I keyed a wrong letter and the next thing I knew crap was popping up and it sounded like bells going off. I immediately unplugged it but it was too late. Called hubby as he's a guru and was informed my computer has crashed. It's bad.

On a good note with the rain last night hubby got to experience the leak we have. He was walking out of the kitchen and stepped into a puddle of water just like I had. Weirdest thing, walls not wet, just a big drip from the wood. And only when it's poring.

I took the dog for a walk and came back with no phone. Lucky for me it was a short walk and after retracing my steps, I found it.

I'm staying in now.

OrbsCorbs said...

Harry used to take me to Taco Bell on occasion. Whenever we went, he said he couldn't let Barb know that he'd done that or she'd be jealous and angry. How much more petty can a grown woman get? Jealous over someone going to a fast food restaurant. And you expect us to believe your lies. The best thing for Harry would be to distance himself from you as far as possible. You have a grown man worrying about what mama is going to do when he gets home.

White Knight said...

Lies, lies, lies . . .As Shakespeare wrote, "The lady doth protesteth too much"[.], or, look in the mirror as OrbsCorbs is really the one. I will sue anyone lying and defaming my practice, for in 26 years of practice I have no record of discipline. I gave the client a good-will refund of my money, and have the cancelled check to prove it. This followed his failure to complete his monthly payment plan for the work I already did, besides not taking my advice on how to control his own damages in the mean time. I could go on and on about all his lies, but suffice it to day that the best line I ever heard from someone was his question to me, "Are you a drunk [?] -- because I'm a drunk [hic] and you act just like me". He then went on to say he didn't want the bankruptcy any more because he was judgment proof just like his neighbor. I have techie friends who can find out the ID of bloggers. Here's a link to a lawyer winning $ 350,000 punitives in an award (nondischargable in bankruptcy) against a former client who lied about the lawyer:

Punitive Damages

The whole ordeal began when Guistibelli took on Copia Blake as a client. Guistibelli was to guide Blake through her divorce with Peter Birzon. . . . As Florida's Fourth District Court of Appeal explains, "After a breakdown in the attorney-client relationship between Guistibelli and her client, Blake and oddly, Birzon as well, took to the Internet to post defamatory reviews of Guistibelli."
* * *
Instead, Blake and Birzon also wrote that Guistibelli had repeatedly misrepresented her fees. According to the couple, Guistibelli "altered her charges to four times the original quote with no explanation," and then submitted doctored evidence to the court to cover it up.

Instead of ignoring the reviews or responding online, Guistibelli did the lawyerly thing: she sued the couple for libel and won $350,000 in punitive damages[.] . . .

No Free Speech Protections

Blake and Birzon had argued that their statements were simply opinions, protected by the First Amendment, and not actually defamatory.

* * *

But the court easily saw through the couple's opinion argument. In a brief, five-page opinion, the Florida court of appeal affirmed the damages last Wednesday, noting that the reviews contained demonstrably false factual allegations, not opinions.

It's also worth mentioning that the court found no need to find actual damages or malice. While the Florida Supreme Court had abandoned libel per se against media defendants, the court of appeals refused to extend that ruling to non-media parties, allowing a presumption of damages in a libel per se action.