Friday, April 15, 2016

Same old, same old

Anyone who reads the online alternative news sources and blogs knows that Racine Uncovered has featured lost and found animals, as well as animals looking for their "forever home," for years.

Recently, Racine County Eye adopted the practice of featuring animals looking for their forever homes.

Today, I check out the Journal Times website and what do I see?  "Slideshow: Animals looking for forever homes"

The Journal Times is always the last to jump on a bandwagon, letting others vet stories and concepts for them, then they put up a splashy story on their website.

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kkdither said...

Their business policies have always been whorish. It is harsh to say it that way, but the truth is the truth. I remember our early days, when they came after us, threatening to sue if we used any of their material.... This after they repeatedly stalked and followed our webpage and stories, only to repost the information an hour or so later themselves.