Friday, April 22, 2016

This apartment has always afforded good views of the moon

That's you-know-who in the lower left corner of the photo. He's sacked out on his old window perch which I hung in a ladder here because we have no window sills. Damn "modern" apartments. I love the old ones with lots of exposed wood.


Tender Heart Bear said...

Nice picture of the moon and Charlie looks like he was out for the night.

kkdither said...

I can see the ISS from my back picture window. I have a cool app on my Kindle that chimes 2 minutes before it is visible. It even gives the path it is coming. All winter long, I don't have to freeze my bootie to see it. I can also see gorgeous moons and sunsets without the concern of skeeters eating me alive in the summer. Lazy man's viewing. ;>

lizardmom said...

well that explains a lot and people lately... yikes!