Friday, April 1, 2016

"Trump to appear in Racine"

From The Journal


The Associated Press - Republican Presidential Candidate Donals Trump speaks at a campaign stop, Wednesday, March 30, 2016, in Appleton, Wis. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)  

"RACINE — The Donald Trump show comes to Racine Saturday.

"The Republican presidential front-runner has scheduled a campaign event at noon at Memorial Hall, 5 Fifth St. Doors open at 10 a.m. Tickets are available on Trump's website.

"The Racine Police Department was busy Friday preparing for the event, which was scheduled on short notice. 

"The department is bracing for anything, police Lt. Al Days said. Many Trump rallies have attracted scores of protesters and, in some cases, violence.

"Just this week, police in Janesville were investigating a pepper-spray incident that occurred before a Trump rally there.

"'We will just make that site and event as safe and secure as possible,' Days said. 'We're not sure what we're going to get, but we're planning for everything.'

"Downtown businesses were also making adjustments. The Racine Public Library, 75 Seventh St., announced it will close Saturday due to the event. 

"Trump's Racine visit comes in the run-up to the state's presidential primary Tuesday. Polls show the billionaire businessman trailing in the Wisconsin primary to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, though Trump still has a sizable advantage in overall delegates. 

"Trump clearly isn't giving up on the state. In addition to Racine, he's scheduled to be in Wausau and Eau Claire on Saturday, West Allis on Sunday and La Crosse and Milwaukee on Monday.

"Ohio Gov. John Kasich, the other Republican presidential candidate, will also be in Racine County on Saturday, holding a town hall event in Burlington


OrbsCorbs said...

Maybe this is an April Fools Day joke.

OKIE said...


lizardmom said...

a great idea to help push for early voting - if enough people vote early, maybe we can keep them from coming - it's worth a shot :)

Toad said...

FIRST let me say, I wouldn't vote for "The Donald" BUT could we all be wrong, and the ideal candidate Is not a politician, and has to rely on his common sense, and advisors? We ain't havin much luck with politicians. My candidate Is BERNIE, and I make NO apologies.

OrbsCorbs said...

The most qualified individuals are not running. They don't want all the bullshit that comes with the presidency, or any other political office. Look at lying John. He's literally destroying the city while lining his and his cronies' pockets. No one qualified will run against him. They don't want to swim in shit, but lying John is in his element when he does so.

Like kk says, I'm holding my nose when I vote.

kkdither said...

I'm with Toad. I'm going with Bernie. I don't expect him to take the nomination, but my conscience will be a lot clearer. Check the fact meter. He might have impossibly grand ideas, but he is not a lying s.o.b, like the rest of them.