Monday, April 11, 2016

"Wisconsin's first 'cat cafe' opens in Madison"

By Savanna Tomei Connect

"MADISON (WKOW) -- Madison is host to a new business that's the first of its kind in Wisconsin – a cat cafe.

"When Cheryl Glover visited her daughter in Korea, the first place they went was a cat cafe. 'We were so excited there,' Glover said.

"Glover, her daughter, and her son knew they had to have one of their own. So the wheels started turning for Cat Cafe Mad.

"'Madison has welcomed us with such open arms,' said Glover. 'Everybody has just come forward and said this is fabulous.'

"You can grab a coffee and some cuddles from cats like Max. 'He's only a year old, but he's like... he basically is in charge of everything,' Glover said.

"'I've been a corporate executive, a commercial realtor, all these things, and every time I walked into the job it was like eh, okay, I'm here,' said Glover. 'Well I walk in here, I am like so excited! I'm like hey! I get to hold these animals that make me happy.'

"Glover and her staff are now welcoming their new residents, and most of them are from shelters. 'Sebastian is our special needs cat,' said Glover. Sebastian has a funny walk because of a neurological condition.

"When it came time to find staff, Glover said she got hundreds of applications. 'I'm inundated on my email,' Glover said. 'If I haven't gotten back to you on email it's because we do have full staff right now!'

"Now the cafe is ready to welcome visitors. 'I'm thrilled, this is like so great,' said Glover. 'It's like giving birth.'

"Here's how it works: There's a $10 cover charge that includes a drink and playtime with the cats. Per the health department, the drinks are stored separately from the rest of the cafe, but Glover said the department was on board with making it happen."

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Quick, who's going to be the first in Racine to open one of these?  That is, after months of Common Council haggling over a license.  If I had the money, I'd try, but that's because I love cats.  And coffee, too. 

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