Sunday, May 1, 2016

Identity crisis

Orbs's blog about friendships got me thinking.
I have friends but only a few that I feel truly close to, and even they don't know everything about me.
In fact, I only have 2 friends and my hubby that know pretty much everything about me.
When our youngest was in 2nd or 3rd grade, she experienced severe headaches, and we could not find the root cause of the problem. We had her thru so many tests, including psychological, where even the hubby and myself had to answer questionnaires. 
His came back that he's a realist. Mine came back that I had a Pollyanna complex. Seriously??
The questions were worded far more ominously than I felt was warranted, so I answered accordingly. 
No, I do not see everything positively, but I refuse to see everything negatively and without hope. 
I did not feel that it understood me at all. 
Orbs' friend blog made me question exactly how I do define it and even define myself. 
Recent events have caused us to question who we are here, what we want, what we want to be, how we want to connect and stay connected. It made me actually feel like I hadn't a clue. I don't like change. I don't like feeling unsettled. It shakes me and makes me uneasy. 
I am not ready to disconnect yet. I don't know what our future here looks like but I want to still see you all. This is one anchor that keeps me steady, and I need it. 


Beejay said...

I'm not ready to disconnect either, Liz. My life has been in somewhat of a turmoil for the last year or so, but hopefully things are calming down.

I am gong to sit and contemplate about this entire ordeal.

Toad said...

"I think we have a failure to communicate" Liz, I suspect you are fully capable of managing the Blog. Me and most others will send you the $10 bucks anytime you need It.

Beejay said...

I agree, Toad.

Tender Heart Bear said...

LM- You know that Drew and I are always here to help out with what ever we can do for you. I will help you out with the JTI's if you want me to. I am here for you all the time and this will not be all on you at all. Just let me know what I can do to help you.

I will also keep doing the Four for Fridays, post my wildflowers and post Drew's bird pictures for everyone. Also if anything else comes up I will be posting that too.

Beejay said...

Liz, I can help as well, although limited at this time. Let us know what you need.

OKIE said...

Count me in. You guys mean too much to me.

kkdither said...

I stopped posting for a little while because I felt the need for a break. Then, all of a sudden all hell broke loose.

Let me make it perfectly clear with everyone able to read this equally. The JTI has been a GROUP effort. No one told any regular JTI member what they could or could not post. No one told anyone to quit the site. No one is blocking or banning anything. At one point, as a GROUP decision, we removed a few posts that were personal attacks against our members. These posts were off topic, direct personal attacks, and were cut and pasted on many individual blogs. All administrators were in accord with this decision.

There is no plot, no plan to isolate or hurt anyone or control content. Every JTIrregular is free to operate on their own accord.

This has gone way too far. We are family and have been for years. ALL of us. EVERY LAST ONE of us. Please, let's all stop the anger, misinformation and the hurt. No one told anyone to quit or forced anyone out.

lizardmom said...

we are definitely family here, warts and all. I am so glad to have each of you in my life, love you all!

Beejay said...

Sometimes one of our family decides to leave the fold for a time. We need to ride it out and welcome them back when they wish to return.
It's what family does.

OrbsCorbs said...

Ahem, Beejay, how apropos.

Could someone let me know who made the attacks and on whom? Was it Rotary Engine again?

Don't reply here. Send it, if anything, in an email to me.