Monday, May 23, 2016

"Man charged with setting dog loose on man in racially charged incident"

From The Journal

RACINE — A Racine man pleaded not guilty Monday in court to a misdemeanor charge for allegedly setting his dog loose on a man last year and ordering the animal 'to get' the man, whom the accused described with a racial epithet.

"Gerald T. Johnson, 57, of the 1900 block of Blaine Avenue, is charged with disorderly conduct as a repeat offender in the May 9, 2015, incident.

"The targeted man told Racine police that he was walking in the 1900 block of Blaine Avenue that day when he heard a white man and woman loudly arguing at Johnson's house, according to Johnson's criminal complaint. As he continued walking, the man heard Johnson say 'get that (racial slur),' saw him unclasp his dog from its leash, and then saw the dog begin to give chase, the complaint states.

"The dog, described as a pit bull, chased the man to the 3300 block of 20th Street, where the pursued said he jumped onto a truck, the complaint states. The dog stayed there barking at the pursued man until Johnson called to it. The animal then moved to a yard, according to the complaint.

"The woman who had been taking part in the argument with Johnson, drove in a Jeep to pick up the dog and the pursued man reportedly said he told the woman 'you gotta control that dog.' The woman, whose name was not listed in the complaint, allegedly hurled racial slurs and threats at the man."

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