Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What wonderful memories, part 1

Oh the memories...
This was going to be about one amazing kid, but this picture has so many other memories attached.
This picture was taken at a joint graduation party for my youngest and a couple other kids (not all pictured). 
In the middle, is our youngest. She still got along with us well back then. Today, not at all... I do miss her and the laughing fits we would get into and couldn't get out of. Hopefully, one day, she'll come around. 
The guy on the right, with the sash, we have known since he was born, now all grown up. His mom and I traded off having kids for a couple years, then I bowed out and she kept going twice more :) 
This was really about my memories of David, the boy on the left with the hat. 5 years ago, yesterday, he went missing, after swimming in a swollen river he knew well. The days of that week are the same as the days of the week this year. I remember reading the family's journey trying to find him. His next up brother (David was the baby of the bunch of 6 kids), Josh, was in the service, got out for special circumstances to go help in the search effort. They found David 4 days later. He was no longer with us :(
As a mom, that crushes my heart. Knowing his family and parents especially, the hurt only intensified. 
David was a true one of a kind person. He could relate to ANYBODY! For is age, he was as interested and engaging with everybody the same, his friends, us older folks, young kids, he just made an instant connection. His smile was infectious. He was always entertaining and lived to make people happy and to help everybody. I have never met anyone like David. It was truly an honor to consider him a friend, and to have shared just a glimpse of his life. Til we see each other again, love you, kiddo!
God did awesome when He made you!!!


OrbsCorbs said...

He sounds like an amazing person, lizardmom. So sorry for your loss and his family's. Some hurts never go awy, though they fade with time.

lizardmom said...

just thinking about him makes me smile, he loved being goofy and was just one of the truly most amazing people I have ever met. His funeral was PACKED, standing room only and that was about as tight as ever. What a tribute to the kind of person he was. His parents are really awesome, and handled all the hurt with incredible grace. Many of his friends and family are posting tributes to him with memories of each day that he was being searched for. I remember the post his brother from the service shared as he was released "David, I'm coming!" so touching. I want to grow up to be like those boys!