Thursday, June 16, 2016

Charlie's Latest Gift

I paid back the money to an old internet friend that she had lent me over the years.  Her delightful response?

In the last shot, on the far right, is the cat tree I bought Chalie recently.  As I was doing so, my friend was doing the same.  So Charlie ended up with two new cat trees.  Yay.  The one on the right is on a table and is only four feet tall.  It came assembled with everything except the top perch had to be attached. 

The one from my friend took almost four hours to assemble (1 hour work, 3 hours swearing).  It's seven feet tall and Charlie can easily reach the ceiling from the top perch.  He and I are very happy with this gift.  Thank you, Ms. N.


Tender Heart Bear said...

That is so awesome I bet Charlie is so happy.

OKIE said...

I bet Charlie is in seventh Heaven. What a great perch. Elmo has a little one that he ignores. Why it's still in the living room is beyond me. Right now he is next to the chair watching all the birds outside.

OKIE said...

I forgot to tell you. The other day Gary was coming out of the bedroom when something in the kitchen caught his eye. The tablecloth and everything on top of it were moving and on the end was Elmo with his claws dug in hanging on for dear life. Now there are little holes on the end. And that ladies and gentlemen is why I buy these things at Dollar General. A whopping $3 for a new one.

OrbsCorbs said...

I'm keeping the boxes stuff came in because Charlie loves them, too. Did I mention that the new vacuum cleaner has to be emptied every few minutes because it's pulling so much cat hair and dirt from the carpet?