Friday, June 17, 2016

"City of Racine Residents Are Stunned To Discover That 2016 Property Tax Rates Under Mayor John Dickert Exceed Those of City of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel by Almost Double!"

From News The JT Can't Use:

While the news media has been quick to report on the massive property tax increases enacted by City of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, they have failed to point out that those large increases bring the total property tax rate to only about HALF of what many Cities in South East Wisconsin charge. Is it any wonder that the productive People of Illinois aren’t flocking to residential properties in Racine and SE Wisconsin? An entire region of Wisconsin’s Rust Belt  which is quickly morphing into Detroit West with corrupt and criminal politicians who are looting the tax base, levying outrageously high property taxes, suffering from high rates of crime (which is often under-reported), curtailed services and large sections of failing infrastructure populated by illegal immigrants, the unemployed, those who depend upon public assistance, and recent Third World EB-5 Immigrants."

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