Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my hot boys and girls!  How are you? Tomorrow is when this heat wave is supposed to peak, but it's a slow drop in temperatures after that.  We'll still be plenty hot for awhile.  What I'd realty like to see is some rain, but they're only predicting a chance of showers here and there.  If you don't have air conditioning in your home, you may lower shades/close blinds to keep out some of the heat.  Keep a fan going.  Stay hydrated.  Move and do as little as possible.

The library and Racine's many local supermarkets are good places to cool off.  I learned so much just by browsing the aisles of the Walmart Ford Mart.  I took my time.  I killed an hour in there, then another one at the nearby Piggly-Wiggly.  When I returned home, I left the blinds down.  I went to my studio and started writing this.  We have air conditioning, but use it as little as possible.  We're trying to save some money for awhile.  Like the next 20 years.

I believe that you can never save enough.  Junior is the opposite and Señor Zanza is somewhere in-between.  I think maybe my upbringing makes me cautious when I buy food.  Junior is just like his old man. And Señor Zanza weaves in and out between us, playing his favorite music.

One way or another, I'd like to make a film about us.  Nothing big and glamorous, but straightforward with a good budget.  I know of the local assumption of Time Warner Cable by Charter Communications, under the name Spectrum.  We've received nothing official yet, but I know others who have received notices, so it's only a matter of time.  Would they like a drama about an outcast who has some very violent tendencies?  I'll have to see.  You never know what is going to hit with the cable companies and broadcast companies. 

How about a psychic who does a local blog and lives with her son and Señor Zanza?  I could write for hours about this each day, probably more than anyone else wants.

Well, thank you for stopping by today to ogle my writings.  I love all of my readers, Irregulars or not.  You bring me peace and harmony.

How hot is it?  Ask

Make sure that you stay hydrated.  Wear a hat and long sleeves outdoors.  Better yet, stay indoors as much as possible.  Don't overwork in the heat.  If you can postpone it, don't work in the garden at all.  


Anonymous said...

how about including jr.Señor Zanza as a budding physic?
and give him some good political fodder...good be hysterical

OrbsCorbs said...

Thank you for the great blog, Mme. Z.