Saturday, July 2, 2016

"Teen tries to sell gun to victim, then turns it on him"

From The Journal


"RACINE — A Racine man was taken into custody Thursday in connection to an armed robbery on the afternoon of June 25.

"Deonte D. Anderson, 17, of the 4100 block of Marquette Drive, who is also reportedly known by the street name 'Snot,' allegedly robbed a 27-year-old man at gunpoint in the 1500 block of Packard Avenue, Racine police allege.

"According to the criminal complaint, Anderson and another individual approached the victim, who was talking with his neighbor, and asked the victim if he wanted to purchase a firearm. The victim reportedly said he did not, but might know someone who might. The victim then took a picture of the weapon with his cell phone.

"Anderson then allegedly pointed the firearm at the victim and demanded money. The victim reportedly gave up $900 in cash and then Anderson fled from the scene. The victim chased Anderson, but lost him, according to the criminal complaint. The neighbor said that Anderson was accompanied by another man, who the neighbor was able to identify.

"Racine Police copied images of the photos that the victim had taken of the firearm. Police then obtained a search warrant for the home of the man who accompanied Anderson. There, they reportedly recovered a firearm that matched the one in the photo and the victim’s description.

"According to the criminal complaint, Anderson reportedly stashed the gun at the accomplice's apartment. 

"According to police, the firearm was a brown-gripped black .22-caliber semiautomatic handgun.
Anderson was later identified in a photo lineup, police said.

"Anderson is facing one felony count of armed robbery and one felony count of possession of a firearm by a felon. He was in the Racine County Jail as of Saturday night and has a preliminary hearing scheduled for Wednesday morning in Racine County Circuit Court."

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900 in cash?  On Packard Ave.? 


Why Not? said...

Weird thing, something like this happened to me as a teenager. A kid on a bike said he had a gun and wondered if I wanted to buy it, when we said no he said he wanted all of our money. We didn't have any except me who had a pocket full of quarters. He demanded it, but I said no because I needed it. After talking back and forth for a few minutes we parted ways... now that you think of it, it could have ended a lot worse.

OrbsCorbs said...

Did the guy ever show a gun?

Why Not? said...

No he never did so I assume he didn't have one.