Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my loving boys and girls!  How are you?  It's supposed to be a relatively cool day today.  Fall marches on.  To be honest, I like the days with warm temperatures and cool nights.  But ir doesn't last forever.  Enjoy it while you can.  And I hope you don't have a huge yard to be raked of leaves this fall.  I love oak trees, but they can keep bunches of leaves well into winter.  Maples produce some autumn leaves, but none like the Norway maple.  In any case, it's all a guessing game, When is the best date to rake up your leaves?  Ask Mother Nature, she oughta know (ha-ha).

Well, the NFL full season has started, and our invincible Green Bay Packers beat the Jacksonville Jaguars.  We're off to a good start, but I don't think any NFL expert can say we're loaded with talent.  This Sunday's battle is against the Minnesota Vikings, at the Vikings, 7:30 PM, on NBC.  Let's see if we can't pull out another win.

As to the Irregular Football League, check it out:

I'm sorry I can't make it larger, but if I do, portions of the right side become chopped off.  The Racine Irregulars are in first place, with the Fighting Mongrels chasing them from second, while the Orbliterators  hold third.

The one thing I like about football season is that it burns a lot of Junior's energy,  School keeps his brain occupied (hopefully) and football takes care of his body.  He's a letter man at school.  He's hot stuff, as long as there's a mother behind him taking care of things.  I love him and I hope that sports give Junior some of the "fathering" he didn't get when he was younger.

Speaking of Mr. Z., I haven't heard from him in a long time.  Probably because he's so behind in child support.  Thanks for nothing, Mr. Z.  Go rot in hell.

As for my regular and irregular readers, I feel nothing but love.  Crowd around and hug each other.  You never know what can happen in a crazy world like ours,  Keep the faith.

How do you "keep the faith?"  Ask:

I love you all.  Enjoy the weather while you can.  Fall is a great time to tackle chores that were just too damn hot in the summer.   It's also a great time to check out the trees.  Whatever you do, do it carefully.  We want to keep you around here. 


OKIE said...

Love you too Madam. No cool temperatures here but it is raining. That is good.

Anonymous said...

Love is in the air.
The Packers will not do very well this year do to Mccarthy's offensive play calling.
But still - Go Packers~!

Tender Heart Bear said...

We love you Madame Z and I am glad to hear about Junior playing football. My son wanted to play football but then his dad decided to down him about playing and that is the worst thing you can do to a boy.

OrbsCorbs said...

Thank you, Mme. Z., for another fine blog.