Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Dear Before and After Pictures!  How are you?  We've been experiencing Sherlock Holmes weather: gray and damp/drizzling.  It's better than below zero, but not much.  Ms. Tender Heart Bear says it's even too foggy for Mr. Drewzepmeister to go bird watching.  She also told me that Ms. Lizardmom recently had eye surgery and, so far, everything looks good.  (Get the pun?)  Stay well, my dears.  We need healthy Irregulars in order to recruit others to our site.

Of course, by now just about everybody has learned of the Packers' loss and the end of their season.  I was also told by Ms. Tender Heart Bear that Aaron Rodgers was crying after the game.  And with all of their injuries, the flu bug was also working its way through the roster.  Some might say it's miraculous that the Green Bay Packers played as well as they did.  Let me add myself to Aaron Rodgers tears.   I hexed or cursed no one.  Maybe I should have given a wink or two to the Atlanta Falcons.  You know, just break a few bones and stuff.  Well, the Pack played to the best of their ability, but it wasn't enough to overcome their obstacles. n
Another game that Racine taxpayers will probably lose is that of Machinery Row and the arena proposed by Mr. Mayor Lying John.  Everything he does adds to the rot outside of downtown, and in it, for that matter.  Whatever happened to the days when a mayor would just govern us, not make and liable for his real estate games?  Just how many broken down homes are owned by the city?  No one knows, or isn't telling.  In fact, if you watch videos of Common Council meetings, there's a lot of things that nobody knows the truth about.  It seems as if Alderman Sandy Weidner is the only one willing to ask questions and take the heat for daring to ask questions of Mr. Mayor Lying John.  He rarely answers them, instead deferring to his cousin and City Administrator Tom Friedel, who also rarely knows the answers to any questions.  They all act perturbed that anyone dares asks questions of them.  They want all of our money, but none of our input.  Things are decided long before they come before the Council for a vote.  It's all lies and smoke and mirrors.

How does he get away with it?  Apparently no one cares until they are hit in the pocketbook.  By that time, it's too late: Mr. Mayor Lying John has stolen millions this way.  None of his friends have trouble with City Hall, but all others are deemed "enemies" and treated thus.  I don't know how far and deep the corruption goes.  I do know that way back when Mr. Mayor Lying John was involved in legal dealings with Mr. Bill Bielefeldt and his claims of improper lead remediation.  Sure enough, lead paint and other contaminated materials were all over the place.  I spoke with an official at the state EPA about it.  They, too, were very circumspect about the whole deal.  They kept telling me they had already dispatched a remediation team to Racine to instruct the contractors on proper techniques.  As soon as they left town, the contractors returned to their former practices.  The state EPA didn't want to hear this.  They dismissed me.  So, who knows how far the corruption has spread?  Who is going to risk their name and having their careers destroyed in a futile effort to save Racine from itself.  Say, "Baa-baa!"

Of course, our Chief of Police Art Howell announced there was no wrongdoing on the department's behalf when the latest dog, Sugar, was murdered by the police while retreating from the police.  There's talk of an enforcer on the squad.  If so, we want to get rid of him or her.  How come the Kenosha Police haven't been called in to make a determination?  Letting the RPD evaluate the RPD is rather boneheaded. Killing a pet is the next worse thing to killing its owner.  I no longer trust or respect RPD or City Hall.  Filled with liars and thieves.  I know one gentleman who arms himself whenever he hears the Racine police are in the area.  "I'm not going to be their next victim," he says.  "They're definitely in need of weapons training."

Well, I guess it's time to go.  I'm late with this blog.  But my love for you continues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  No mater what happens, Madame Zoltar is there to help you.

What did the police do with Sugar's body?  Ask

Thank you for reading my blog.  It's a good day for reading or sleeping.  I'm not going out unless I have to.  It's supposed to be pretty cold by this weekend.  Be careful of any snow or ice.  I love you all.

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Anonymous said...

The Blue line is a poison RPD.
When good officers fail to expose bad officers, all suffer.