Sunday, January 29, 2017

"Ice sculptures vandalized"

From The Journal

Ricardo Torres
"RACINE — Several ice sculptures made in Saturday's Break the Ice event have been vandalized over night.

"Divino Gelato Cafe, 245 Main St., sponsored an ice sculpture that appeared to be tipped over.

"'When I left here last night it was fine... I don't think the wind could've pushed it over,' said Luke Jackson, manager at Divino Gelato Cafe. 'It's a shame.'

"Racine Police Department say they have not gotten any calls about any of the ice sculptures being vandalized.

"The Journal Times will update this story as it gets more information."



OrbsCorbs said...

Saturday night drunks. Downtown Racine is a free-for-all once the booze starts flowing.

Anonymous said...

Did the animals escape from the zoo?