Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, Mr. and Mrs. America!  How are you?  Has anyone been thrown off of the weather roller coaster yet?  We go up, down, and all around.  We're going down tonight to a couple of days in the 20's, then back up into the 30's and 40's.  This stuff really wreaks havoc on the landscape.  I have a friend who fears for his daffodils and tulips coming up too soon on the south side of his house.  I told him to throw more mulch on the flowers beds, but he says he's done that almost every year and he doesn't want to create berms out of mulch.  So, if we can't regulate when our flowers appear, can you imagine the the thoughts of farmers?  What do they plant and when?  Our weather is so out of whack that you don't have to travel to Australia to have "summer in winter."  Just step outside.  It will either be very warm or be snowing.

Did you read about Mr. Mayor Lying John sputtering out his nonsense on illegal aliens? Mayor Dickert: 'Racine will not actively pursue undocumented immigrants'  Racine will also not actively pursue the criminals running and ruining our city.  They pronounce mighty statements, but don't do shit except wiggle deeper into your wallet. Mr. Mayor doesn't give a damn about immigrants.  He just wants to look good for the Journal Times.  If he had spent years waiting to enter the USA legally and gone through all the procedures to become a citizen, I think he might feel differently.  If he followed all of the rules, do you think he would be telling illegal aliens that they're welcome here?  My parents took years to enter the US legally from Romania.  Why should people who break the rules be given preference over those who follow the rules?  Only in Mr. Mayor's warped mind is that fair.  The criminals that Mr. Mayor so lovingly embraces are not so wanted by the people who live here.  My parents followed the rules.  Why the hell can't you?

The city is also wondering what to do about Horlick Dam: Residents look for answers on Horlick Dam replacement  I think a couple of sticks of dynamite would do the job quickly and inexpensively.  But, of course, we'll be pitched some extremely complicated resolution that costs at least $1 million.  And then it will run over budget.  And then the new dam won't work right.  Of course, I could be wrong.  It could be much worse than that.   

Today is the first day of February and tomorrow is Groundhog Day.  I say that when the groundhog pops his head out of his hole, we grab him and have him for dinner.  He's never been much of a weather forecaster, anyway.

Well, thank you for reading my blog today.  I love my readers and they love me.  We get together once a week and share the good and the bad.  That's what friends do.  Anyone can join in.  We're inclusive.  We want you.

What's the groundhog going to predict?  Ask:

Watch out for the occasional snow, or even rain, storm.  Just a little icing can send you sliding or skidding.  Be careful and safe.  We don't want to lose any Irregulars to winter, or anything else.  Enjoy the warn weather while it's here.  Does this mean snow in July?  I hope not.  I love you all.
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OrbsCorbs said...

Thank you for another insightful blog, Mme. Z.

Lying John will continue to steal from the taxpayers and give it to his buddies until he's stopped. I'd like to see him stopped permanently with some prison time.