Sunday, February 26, 2017


How many prescription drugs do you take?  I have 13, one being a cream.  I shared with my shrink my concern over taking so many meds.  He said that the average 65 year old has 19 prescriptions.  I find that hard to believe.  I know so many people my age who take no, or a few, medications.  Someone must be taking 40 pills a day to make up for each of these people.  I take all 12 of my meds daily, in varying dosages.  The cream was prescribed because my primary care doctor said I had skin caner running down the middle of my forehead.  He referred me to a dermatologist.  Christ, she was gorgeous, and, of course, had perfect skin.  She froze a spot off the center of my forehead and prescribed the ointment.  I was surprised when she said most of my skin damage was caused by the wind, not the sun.  That means I did my homework right when I went into landscaping.  I wear caps with long bills to help my sight, but they also protect my face.  I always used sun block.  And I'd wear a scarf on my neck to prevent becoming a redneck.

So, how many prescriptions do you take?


andromodo77 said...

Prescriptions reminds me of the Dupont saying " better living thru chemistry".

I am trying to get back down to ZERO meds thru holistic heating habits.

So far not been as successful as I had hoped, so now I am going to add exercise to the routine.

I did successfully rid myself of acid reflux and lower back pain with some of the changes in my diet that included increasing the amount of nuts (cashews, almonds, peanuts, pecans and walnuts), yogurt, fresh veggies and apple cider vinegar.

AND yes I'm back

So now down to two pills a day.

I know someone else on this site that swears by apple cider vinegar and claims it cured him of his acid reflex, I have to agree as it did wonders for me also.

Tender Heart Bear said...

I take two meds a day. I was taking four but now down to only two.

OrbsCorbs said...

I took apple cider vinegar instead of Nexium and I got sick as a dog.

Lika Saliscente said...

I think I'm at about 7. I also take care of a lady who is 101, who only takes 2.

OrbsCorbs said...

She's probably lived that long due to her avoidance of prescriptions.