Saturday, February 4, 2017

Open Blog - Weekend

Enjoy it.


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Tender Heart Bear said...

What is the weekend.

I just want to thank Daddy Orbs for filling in on Four for Fridays for me.

Thursday I called the doctor to cancel an appointment for blood pressure check with my doctors nurse and they asked me why I am cancelling the appointment. I told them that I was coughing so bad that my stomach was hurting me and most of the time it was a dry cough. The lady told me to wait a minute she is going to talk to the nurse. The next thing I know they are scheduling me an appointment to see my doctor on Friday. So I go in to see my doctor and she tells me I have asthmatic bronchitis. The doctor called in meds for me to the pharmacy and after I picked up Drew from work on Friday I have been sleeping on and off. I have not been on the computer since Thursday.

Anonymous said...

aHHH..... take some advice from Frère Jacques and get some rest.
You can't be a super woman every day.